Good nutrition in combination with physical activities are important elements of an healthy lifestyle. 

Everyone of us have tried, and many failed to be consistent in those disciplines. However if we finally could manage to do it, we realize there is much more to it. 

We learn that we need to tweak until it fits us and other areas as Balance, Wellness, De-Stress, Posture, avoiding toxins in our environment and many more need our attention.

It can be challenging  not to run crazy and trying to make everything right also can bring unnecessary levels of stress to our lives.

But as each journey starts with the first step, it is important to get moving. Otherwise the journey will never begin.

For starters you can focus on the following and see how you go from there. It is more important to do one right and consistent than trying to beat all and give up.

1. Exercise regularly  
2. Drink lots of water
3. Eat healthy food       
4. Rest and refresh       
We walk through life and burden ourselves with fitting right in. From an early age on We learn to accept that we need to conform, which slowly leads to a dangerous way of conformity. 

It is important that we all adhere to certain rules in our society but when we form a habit in conformity we stop thinking, dreaming and appreciating our own way of life. 

Why should we value the opinion of someone else higher than our own? In the end, it is our life and it will be our regrets at the end of it. 

Interesting enough that most old people regret the things they haven't done. it is about the opportunities they didn't take, the risks they wouldn't bear and the crazy and childish things they avoided because they were afraid of the opinion of others.

whenever you have the chance to stand still, re-focus, listen to your heart and follow that silent whisper. 
One of the most valuable lesson you can learn about money - and you either learn it the simple way by learning from other peoples' mistakes or you learn it the hard way by yourself:

Don't put your money in someone elses hands. 

You think "but my bank, my investment company, my life-insurance, my financial planner,..." 

Yes, I know. BUt their highest interest is not in making you rich, it is in making profits on their own. Read this again! 

If you give them 100,000 Dollar, you're the one taking all the risks. So they can either double it or loose it - they will still get their cut. 

So why handing your precious and hard earned money over to someone else, where obviously there are different interests in play.

If you can't or shouldn't manage it by your own At least educate yourself and know about the risks and opportunities. Also, keep it always accessible or trust-held and secured. 

And never ever gamble with something that did cost you a lot to build over time.

Consistency makes the champion. 

You want to feel like a champion, having conquered something great, learned something new, mastered a specific skill?

It is the practice that divides winner and looser. if one is only crafting his skill some extra 30 minutes a day than someone else. That is 3.5 hours a week, 15 hours a month, 182 hours a year.

 Would you say this leads to a significant advantage? I would!

next time you struggle with something, feeling not good enough, and you want to quit. Remember that we all started without skills. Sure, some have talent, but those also had to start at the beginning.

And It is the consistency, the willingness to practice and the attitude of pushing our limits that brings us further than we would have expected in our wildest dreams and makes us the hero in someone elses story.

A few things that can help you getting into this habit:

1. Be accountable - have someone in your life, who is allowed to speak into your life. In addition make it a weekly thing that you need to report your progress.
2. Track your progress - start a journal. Not only that you can track your progress, you are also getting a good feeling for the achievment.
3. Reward yourself - work hard, play hard. When you've achieved something give yourself a reward.

The first step was small. Helping someone forming the right decision about moving forward into a relationship. Then brainstorming and figuring out what really was driving this young man and got him the right job. 

Even the tiniest steps add up and become a journey worth travelling.

Meanwhile I figured out my life’s purpose: 
I love people. 

Helping them discovering their purpose, seeing them flourish and support them along the way has become my everyday’s drug.

It is fulfilling and exciting at the same time, planting seeds into someone’s life and watering them with hope and encouragement. 

Once someone asked me: 

“what do you want to be written on your tombstone?” 

I didn’t know the answer back then but now I know it: 


You want to be a world changer? Change one life after another. 

Let’s change some lives!

Did you ever spent time with someone that left you with the need of cleaning your soul afterwards? Negative people poison us not only with their words but sometimes their whole appearance can drag us down. 

It is important to be aware of those toxic relationships in our life. Some of those relationships we can end, others we can’t, due to work, family, etc. 
Therefore it is crucial that we decide who we want to spent time with. Define your crew! Don’t leave it to accident, make a commitment to invest at least into one positive, vibrant and healthy relationship every day. 

If you spend all your time with people who are consumers, sitting on the couch watching netflix, partying on the weekend, you most likely end up with broken dream and need to party yourself to forget that life you could have had.

If you mix it up and choose a circle that inspires you, motivates you to budget, encourages you to invest, partners with you in projects and overall is driven to be successful and having an impact on others. Then it is most likely that you'll become one of them.

We are the sum of the voices we hear, the books we read, the people we hang with.

At the end, it is not that important where you go, it is rather important who is on this journey with you. So be wise about that choice!

Just think one moment about your limits. Congratulations you lost. 

I love that neuroscience discovers more facts everyday about the affect our mindset has on our life. 

If we think “limit” we’re limited. 

But what is ONE thing we can do to push our limitations? 

The great thing about physical exercise is that we develop a discipline of pushing our limits. 

Indeed, it wouldn’t be smart to start our training with the largest barbells we can find - that would hurt. 
But if we start serious training and prove to be consistent, we will come to a point where we need to increase the weight we’re training with. 

I once learned that there are two ways to impact our mind & soul  

1) Spiritual people understood the power the spirit has on your mind & soul 

BUT 2) those who have formed a habit in physical exercise know that this has an affect on our mind & soul too. 

Not only our emotions will be more balanced but also our belief system, self-trust, confidence, and our capacity to operate outside our limits will bring massive inner growth. 

Go and lift some weights.  

Happy Training!

Introducing myself as a dancer, a singer, a princess, someone who dares getting into trouble, an adventurer, a diva, a model, an 8-year-old who wants to change the world, a traveller, a hero, a villain, a space pilot, a painter, an actress, AND the main character in my own story.
I felt captive for a long time during my life, like a bird in a cage. 

But after I decided to live my best life, I decided to break free, I decided to be alive. 

Now I can be anyone I want to be, knowing that at least one person will cheer me on. Me.

What about you? 

Who are you?
BE AN INSPIRATION - when there are no heroes, be one!!! 

I once heard a story from a pastor who was sharing from his life. His father was an alcoholic, beating up his mum and he never took care of his son. No wonder that this man in his young age was desperately looking for a mentor, someone he could look up to. 

A role model. A hero. But despite his search he didn’t find one. When he was in his late 30s he had a prayer time that changed his life forever. 

While he was praying, he reflected that it seems that all around him, other men had spiritual fathers and experienced mentors. He felt sad, alone and brought his anger to God.

Then he had a revelation: “Yes, I never had a father figure or a mentor but there are thousands of young men out there looking for a role model like I did. I am not young anymore. Just because I didn’t have a role model doesn’t justify sitting back and complaining. Much more it means that I need to be a role model for others. I can’t heal the world, but I for sure can make it a better place. I can change the world for someone else…”

be an inspiration for someone else. 

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